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Fraud text alerts

Fraud text alerts have changed from replying Y/N to replying with 1/9 instead.

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Change to fraud text alerts

Changes to products, services and business centre closures

We are withdrawing from the SME commercial market in Great Britain.  Find out more.

SME loan portfolio sale

We have sold a portfolio of loans to ‘Promontoria Maple DAC, an affiliate of Cerberus . Find out more.

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Security Centre

Find out how to protect your business from fraud attempts.

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iBusiness Banking

Learn how iBusiness Banking can benefit your business.

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Ways to Bank

Bank securely with Allied Irish Bank (GB) day and night.

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Help Centre

Our Help Centre should give you the answers you're looking for.

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AIB Supporting Communities

We strive to be an accelerator for change toward a more sustainable way of living, which is why we’re backing our communities to achieve a more sustainable tomorrow.

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The AIB Community €1 Million Fund is open

The AIB Community €1 Million Fund is open. Nominate a charity that matters most to you before 14 June. This funding goes directly to supporting local charitable organisations your community.

Important Information

  • Information about current account services

    The requirement to publish the Financial Conduct Authority Service Quality Information for business current accounts can be found here.

  • Find out more information about regulation or product changes that may impact you and your banking with us

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  • Use the links below to access the Government Designated Finance Platforms:

    Government Designated Finance Platforms

    Funding Xchange www.fundingxchange.co.uk/cma14
    Funding Options  www.fundingoptions.com
    Alternative Business Funding www.alternativebusinessfunding.co.uk/

    Finance Platforms are credit brokers regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), they are not lenders.
    SME’s are small and medium-sized enterprises which have annual sales revenue (exclusive of VAT and turnover-related taxes) not exceeding £25m.


    Use the links below to access some competitor analysis websites:

    Competitor Analysis Platforms

    Swoop https://swoopfunding.com/open-banking.html?bank=aib
    Funding Options www.fundingoptions.com


  • New risk free Benchmark Rates are being developed.

    Benchmark Rates are used in financial transactions throughout our economy and are an integral part of interest rate markets. All banks, including AIB, use them in the pricing of many products.

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